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WTHECK is ‘Activated Charcoal’, and why would I EAT it?!
Those were my first thoughts…

BUT in prep for my Feb ‘Dîner en Noir‘ dinner coming up with some of my fave foodie friends, I started scouring the internet for ‘black-coloured food’ and this particular gem came up repeatedly.

APPARENTLY, Food Grade Activated Charcoal is coconut rind that’s had the bejeezus cooked out of it until it’s turned completely carbon. Sound delicious yet? Once the ash is thoroughly … ashy … it’s steamed into submission until it becomes porous, giving it a structure and massive surface area similar to a sponge.

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No idea what brands are out there – this one happened to come up on Amazon when I searched for “Food Grade Activated Charcoal”

Which is why it’s been touted as a good de-toxifier – the activated spongey black goop collects toxins in your body. Unfortunately, health-wise, the microscopic spongeys can’t tell between toxins and nutrients, so something to think about if you’re using it while trying to eat super healthy.

So – why use it in a dinner? Purely color. And maybe it’ll soak up some of the wine throughout the night… One can hope, no?! I did hear it was good for preventing hangovers haha. I tried brushing my teeth with it as a ‘whitener’, but all I can report is that at least it doesn’t have a taste to it. Also, it makes a huge mess…

Already on our menu for the big night are Black Squid Ink Risotto
and potentially some delicious sort of Chocolate Ball. I’m already hungry!!
It was time to start looking for some serious BLACK-COLOR FOOD INSPO!
And it’s all GOOOOORGEOUS!!!


Black Sushi Rolls
Black Rice Pudding w Blackberry
Black Brioche Sliders


As I researched, it occurred to me that I’d been using black-color foods for quite some time already. And they’re some of my FAVES in the Kitchen. I realize the word BLACK is fairly repetitive here, but it gives such a great mental image of the food to repeat it!

Black Garlic
Black Truffles
Black Figs
Black Caviar
Black Grapes
Black Beans
Black Currants
Black Olives
Black Pepper
Black Chia Seeds

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How gorgeous is the POP of yellow on the black in this photo from my fave Instagram follow @theartofplating?!

So I’ve narrowed it down to 4 exciting options from which to cook ONE on the dinner night – we’ll have to wait and see which one I pick and how I elevate it!!


Pinot Noir (German Wine) Soup w Activated Charcoal Crème Fraîche

Black Rice Pudding w Blackcurrant Jelly Caviar, Cardamom + Gold Leaf

Black Fig w Ash Goat Cheese on Miniature ‘Chia’ Charcoal Brioche Buns

Black Rice “Sushi” w Flamed Black Mushrooms + Truffles + Black Garlic

Now to contemplate tablescapes…

akHOME MYakHOME theakHOMEkitchen akCOOKS Food Home Cook Diner en Noir Activated Charcoal Black Color Food Table Setting Tablescape Black Dishware

I found some black vases at the local thrift shop and I think I have the perfect tablesetting for the eve – now all that’s left is the music! Any suggestions?!

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